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Ohio legalized medical marijuana: Here's what you need to know Nicole Scholten of Cincinnati, whose 12-year-old daughter Lucy has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, said the majority of patients she knows have not had success obtaining an affirmative defense note.Scholten is hopeful Lucy's doctors and other health care professionals will support medical marijuana use but said more education is needed.The law grants immunity to doctors from civil liability, criminal prosecution and discipline from the state medical and pharmacy boards for advising patients use medical marijuana, discussing the drug with them or monitoring a patient's treatment with marijuana.

"It's not a tested theory and it's a theory no one wants to test.

"While it's a defense to be applied in the courtroom, in most cases for affirmative defenses written in state law, the officers take that and apply it on the scene," Mc Donald said.

What prospective patients are doing Tara Cordle has the start of the marijuana law marked on her calendar with the importance of a family birthday.

Cordle has collected signatures for every marijuana measure since 2012, including last year's recreational measure, Issue 3.

She said she's relieved she won't have to work on yet another failed ballot initiative and the new law is better than nothing.

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