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If you've seen the Inner Space movie you'll probably have ideas of what that's like but In Cell VR shatters them brilliantly.

This simple game has a basic story about protecting a human at the cellular level but in reality, or virtual reality rather, you're playing a racing game where you dodge or collect objects.

Now that it has embraced 360-degree videos the amount of VR content is growing by the day.

Inside a You Tube 360-degree video you can look around as if you were really there.

VR Roller Coaster is one of the de facto apps to download if you just bought a Google Cardboard.

It's fun, a little bit scary and completely sells you on the power of VR.

Price: Free And now, for something completely different.

With a headset attached, you'll probably find yourself laughing and squealing the time away, much like you would on a normal roller coaster.

Thanks to more 360-degree cameras hitting the market, like the Samsung Gear 360, Moto 360 Camera Mod for the Moto Z2 Force and the Essential Phone to name a few, both professionals and amateurs alike are uploading footage.

This is a great place to dip your virtual toes into the excitingly immersive digital world of VR.

Price: Free Despite originally costing a little bit of money, Zombie Shooter VR is now free - a sure sign the competition is heating up.

The name gives the game away really, it's all about shooting zombies – you guessed it – in VR.

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