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An employee advocacy tool, like Hootsuite’s Amplify, makes it easy for your employees to share company messaging with pre-approved social media content.This reduces risks to your company and ensures everything is accurate and on-brand.Social media policies can also be enormously helpful when it comes to brand amplification. They tap into your biggest advocacy group: your employees.And company messaging is often considered more credible when it comes from actual people.If you have public facing employees, you also need to make sure they are aware of any brand standards regarding the appearance and tone of their social media accounts.For example, you may want your employee’s Twitter handles to include a reference to your brand.This part of your social media policy should also address proper use of images, video, and other media.If your business calls for images being shared on social media to remain consistent with brand voice, you need to outline these requirements in your policy.

Having a strong brand voice is beneficial to your business as it increases awareness, showcases personality, and helps users connect with your business.

You might want to create a table broken into two columns.

The first column would define a specific social media responsibility—brand guidelines, for example—and the person responsible for governing that—likely the brand manager—would appear in the second column.

At Hootsuite, we encourage employees who interact with the public on behalf of the company to create a Twitter handle using this naming convention: @Hoot[individual’s name].

This makes it easy for customers to identify Hootsuite employees and engage with them.

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