Updating nvidia bios

For over a year I've been playing games and using my laptop alright on my Nvidia Ge Force 710M card (which comes with optimus and switches to Intel HD Graphics 4000) without any major problems.

Compatible CPUs for non-K OC: All of the CPUs should easily reach 4400-4500 MHz and a high multiplier is not needed because you can compensate everything with the BCLK. For more information on how to overclock the Skylake Non-K CPUs using GIGABYTE motherboards, check out the Detailed GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K OC Guide. While you can always use around 1,325 Volt as CPU Core Voltage, the CPU Multi and BCLK depend on the exact CPU.Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK.Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.There is no warranty regarding the safety of my BIOS modding guides and the linked BIOS and PCI ROM files. Actual BIOS files do not contain any separate AHCI ROM module, because such BIOS module resp. The Intel SATA AHCI Controller of the mainboard is not supported at all by the RAID ROM module.That is the reason why users with an AHCI (non-RAID) system will not benefit from an update of the RAID ROM version.

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