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Predators also shower their victims with compliments and send them gifts, developing an emotional dependency while preying on the child or teens insecurities and emotions.

Predators will often ask the child to keep something a secret, or will have the child tell them a secret.

A law enforcement officer, acting in an undercover capacity, began communicating with the predator via email and live chats over Skype.

Meeting the juvenile in person is the ultimate goal of the predator.The purpose of this meeting is to engage in sexual relations with the child or teen.The good news is parents can take control of their kid’s safety.According to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce, a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 3,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies that investigate internet child victimization and the sharing of child sexual abuse images, an online predator goes through six steps in the online grooming process of his victim.This process can take place quickly, or over an extended period of time.

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The child predator will seek for ways to become a listener to their victim.

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