Problem updating iphone 3g

There aren't really many phones anymore, at least not in the way that there used to be flagship stinkers.

But this also makes the question of whether or not to upgrade more complicated. At the same time we've watched a general slowdown of truly revolutionary features, there have been two key areas where smartphones really do desperately need to improve: battery and repairability.

We are stuck with lithium-ion batteries because there's no clear alternative, and shifting to something new will be a herculean undertaking.

So, barring some sea change in technology, phones won't last more than a day or two before they need a charge, and their batteries will degrade over time.

If we're all willing to settle for buying new pocket computers every two or three years, then that's fine.

The problem is that phones are also getting more expensive without getting meaningfully better. With a beautiful high-resolution OLED screen that covers the entire front of the phone, the i Phone X is an undeniably beautiful piece of design.

For example, the gradual slowing of significant innovation and an increasingly uniform set of expectations about what a phone needs to do has given almost all smartphones an opportunity to catch up to the baseline.

As these technical advancements began to roll in, the role of processing power was also incredibly important.

Screen resolutions doubled and quadrupled up from grainy and low-res to full HD and beyond.

An innovation in either one would make buying a new phone a much more compelling proposition.

And yet modern smartphones have been running away from both of them in such a unified way that it seems purposeful.

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Despite everything they can do—and how much they cost—phones still can't reliably last more than two or three years max.

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