Positives and negatives of dating

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Not only is a lot of money spent on such activities, but they can become major time commitments, too. I’ve heard the argument that a lot of these activities make people feel better about themselves.For people who don’t place a lot of importance on appearance and who have a good self-esteem, they would have little trouble dating someone who is much more attractive. Because physical appearance isn’t one of the characteristics they value most in a prospective partner.As a result, how attractive their date is—whether beautiful or not—really isn’t that important to them.If you tend to be insecure about your own attractiveness, have a jealous streak, or don’t feel confident that you are a great package with many strengths, dating someone who is much more attractive is a terrible idea and will result in anxiety, self-sabotage, and gobs of tension in your relationship.I believe life would be easier and more harmonious if looks didn’t matter so much in our culture.

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Deep down, I believe we all know what we are capable of handling.

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