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Mostly men like it when they feel a tower of strength around their girls, protecting and firewalling them, being ones she will run to when scared.But when you see a guy with a heftier woman he must have very different yens.You stand a good chance of your heavyish girl to be fun to talk to, compared advantageously to slimmer girls.

Now with a bigger chick you are in a different situation: they may talk to take your attention away from what they believe is their flaw.

But what will your honey pie tell you when you arrive home laden with a pizza?

That it’s so fattening you shouldn’t have bought it?

Look outside onto the street, and sooner or later you will see a man (with a good waistline or maybe with a belly) trotting along with a girl who is a bit plumper than your average model. Beauty is only skin deep, after all, so they might be beautiful for one another, why not?

If your mind is free from everyday concerns you might start wondering what he feels like or what is going on in his mind. The ways of our modern society are such that a guy is supposed to like slimmer women which is regarded as taking good care of themselves and minding their health.

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