Panasonic epg not updating Local chat cams

It's very fast, with You View telling us it's gained speed by leveraging the Bravia's processing power.

The issue has been taken up with Freesat, ITV and Panasonic who all seem to have been blaming one another.It's as simple as scrolling forward to find something you want to view later in the day, support programming up 7 days in the past, as well as in the future.You View has been available for several years and has about 2 million active users currently.Also, You View is an exclusive UK platform, so those lucky people in the UK with the latest Sony TV are getting something special. Unlike Freeview where each manufacturer gets to decide how the information is portrayed and navigated in the EPG, You View is standardised across devices.When you open the new You View EPG on your Sony TV, it looks practically identical to that of a You View set-top box.

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The service provides consumer access via an aerial to the six DTT multiplexes covering the United Kingdom.

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