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Similarly, if you find the person lacking, there is nothing wrong with telling them. You are going to have to check a lot of profiles and even reject a few bad apples.

They will probably appreciate your honesty and willingness to be frank about it. It advocates for yourself and your needs in an already stressful environment. But, just because you do not like someone does not mean you get to act irrationally and disrespectfully towards them.

By entering in a few simple requirements in blank fields, you can flush pout those who do not meet your standards and focus on getting to know those who do.

Desired traits in a possible spouse vary from person to person, but the basics remain true: all of us want someone to love.

But, let us also not forget: the internet playground can be a dangerous place to visit.

Threats exist at every turn from identity theft to spam to hackers.

The internet is a fun place to explore, but safety must be taken into credible consideration for yourself and your future, especially so when it comes to getting to know someone whom, before your initial “poke” at each other, was a complete stranger to you.

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However, a devout Christian on the same site would have a much higher success rate.

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