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As you can see - for the most part a very positive response was received. A little over a year ago she had a Bi-Ventricular Pace Maker and Defibrillator placed in her. I know people who have watched a loved one struggle for their last breath and yet they won't put their own cigarettes down, I just don't understand. I told him what the doctor told us he said “IF” she gets to leave next time.

Some of these gals will actually be strutting their stuff in a bikini by summer. I'm too late to banish the belly rolls in time for my vacation to Puerto Vallarta (in 21 days!!! June is when the winner will be announced for Operation Muffin Top(ple), but I have a feeling I've got a lot more dunlap to delete than some of the other ladies, so I plan to keep on going until I reach my goal.Hell most health departments these days will give them away for free, or damn near. What's the excuse for all of these 'unwanted' and often murdered babies? Unless you are in a loving committed relationship and WANT to become a parent it is your and your partner(s) responsibility to make sure you do EVERYTHING possible to prevent an 'oops'. Animal Cruelty Poetry The Editor Internet Dating Love and relationships Pets News SEX Funny ha ha Work Guest Bloggers Weight Loss Marley Claire Life Music Faith Movies Vegetarian Children Romance Health & Fitness A Beautiful YOU Parenting justus Dating Adventure Advocacy Nablopomo Education Hopes & Dreams Just Because PT College Lazeras Operation Muffin Top(ple) Adoption In December of last year I blogged briefly about getting back in the swing of working out and eating healthy.But this post isn't about abortion or my view on it. But when used correctly and consistently they are proven to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs.It's about responsibility, or as shown by the numbers above, the abundant and apparent lack of it. in this day and age there is simply NO EXCUSE for grown people to be having irresponsible sex. I've personally never had it happen to me and I've been having sex for 10 years.

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  1. For the first five weeks, Riley suffered from stage fright, commenting that "As soon as the music would start, I would have a fuzzy brain and it was like an out-of-body experience"; after seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist she was able to control her breathing, and so was only able to truly enjoy the show for what proved to be her final appearance.