I have been dating james the chef i was

Sookie is quite accident prone in her passion for the great feasts she conjures up, which is where Lorelai's more organizational nature provide the two with a perfect balance, both as great friends, colleagues and later co-owners of The Dragonfly Inn.Sookie's arc throughout the series mostly shows how Sookie works; she gets overwhelmed in the face of big life choices, and at times her actions in the face of those changes are quite unorthodox.” - James Pre-heat the oven to 200o C/400o F/Gas mark 6.Grease a 23cm tin thoroughly with 25g of the butter, then dust the inside of the tin with flour.The two patch things up and Sookie says she wants to give it a go, but Jackson declines, and Sookie is flustered.After being reeled back in by Lorelai, Sookie realizs that everything's become too grand and crazy, and that she just wants a simple wedding with the man she loves.The season concludes with Sookie and Jackson's beautiful wedding, held in the gardens of the Independence Inn.As Sookie and Jackson begin married life, Sookie is overwhelmed by Jackson announcing he wants 4 children in four years.

Slowly add the golden syrup, treacle, eggs and vanilla extract to the butter mixture and continue mixing.Place the dates in a saucepan with 300ml water and bring to the boil.Purée the water and date mixture and add the bicarbonate of soda.They quickly reconcile when Lorelai confides in Sookie what set off her freak-out.After Kirk wins Sookie's basket at the annual charity basket auction, Jackson reveals why he did not bid – he was hinting to Sookie to move in together.

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