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And for those of you nursing a broken heart, or feeling resigned because of multiple disappointing relationships, we’ve been there too and we want you to know that all of our experts also are offering solid advice for healing and resolution.Not only that, but our phenomenal Success Stories—interviews with women who met their beloved Soulmates after the age of 40 or 50 (or close to 60!You may have false and limiting beliefs about yourself, men, marriage, or relationships, which are unconsciously keeping love at bay.You may be so busy working on your career or business that the demands of your job have put your natural feminine radiance into hiding.You may simply not have a clear vision of what your soulmate and your relationship together will look like—something we’ve seen is a key to making it a reality!You may not have had the guidance needed to “show up” and be present in your most authentic self, which will open you to receive the love you truly need and long for.You can now own permanent access to all of the seminars and accompanying transcripts from at a 50% discount when you order by the end of the series.Investing in the recordings of the event will help support your continuous journey of learning and growth.

You can even listen to them over and over again to deeply embed the information in your subconscious mind for maximum results.

I’m completely aligned, and every day the questions I have seem to come up in the panels and seminars. The information is priceless and you both are fantastic! “I am surprised at the sense of opening I am feeling once again as I listen to the speakers in this course. I love your questions, the way you listen and back-track to clarify things, ground them down and make them useful. And so if you seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody the goddess Aphrodite. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.

Today I was having a beautiful massage when I began to see and hear my Beloved speaking to me! Now I feel I am not only calling to him, but he is calling to me! next a dear man that I had a crush on numerous years ago just contacted me here on FB and wants to get reacquainted—is that too funny or what?! I also love all of your funny and real comments – like your utilitarian underwear – we can all relate! W “Just wanted to let you know how incredibly awesome your Art Of Love Seminar is. The speakers are all amazing and sharing content that is new, insightful, useful and brilliant. In order to become her, however, you must approach her with reverence and love. Her latest work, Women are out in the world doing amazing things on a daily basis, but overdoing disconnects us from our powers of intuition, pleasure, and sensuality, and our ability to receive love.

Learn more and INSTANTLY download all 34 seminars PLUS bonuses for 50% off here. A true best friend, cheerleader and life-partner, who will love you for who you are and support you to become the best version of yourself possible? We’re Arielle Ford, bestselling author of of people from over 89 countries and all walks of life to manifest their Soulmate.

Love, Dear Friend, Are you a smart, conscious, successful woman seeking your match in life? We discovered that each and every one of them needed to master skills in 5 different areas before they could attract their Beloved One…

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  2. Debbie was also very active in the community with organizations such as the Acorn Club, was a past member of the Seaford Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, and enjoyed helping wherever she saw a need.