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Its theoretical perspective suggests that humans are, in reality, “proximity-seeking.” In fact, distinguished researcher Sue Johnson (2013) who is a recognized leader in the science of relationship, says: I like the propinquity theory about the way that people choose their partner. The one who looks perfect is the one you are standing next to when your attachment system kicks in (p. Along those lines, Tinder might be seen as a way of bringing about the Merriam-Webster definition: a conflagration of passionate attraction!

Proximity triggers the "cuddle hormone," oxytocin, just as it kicks in when mothers hold their infants during breastfeeding and during orgasm.

The app, once downloaded on a smartphone, uses global positioning technology to help users locate potential dates (or what-have-you) on the basis of location, physical desirability and a brief intro composed by the user, usually—although not always—in that order.

In the case under discussion the young women were laughing about how a joke played on Tinderella using Tinder unexpectedly turned into an actual romance.

When her friends told her what they had done, she hesitated only slightly, and then gathered her things and left to meet the young man, with an open mind and perhaps with some thrill of excitement.

She knew that it was a crapshoot, as first dates always are, regardless of how they come about.

When the user reviews displayed potential matches, she or he can “like” (swipe right) or reject (swipe left).At first glance it may seem impossible, but maybe those “entitled Millenials,” blithely swiping their phones looking for dates, have a better shot at reaching each other with openness and intimacy than the many of us who have long protected ourselves from those things using our irrelationship song-and-dance routines.The only reliable key is to be willing to show up for love with an open heart and mind, regardless of the route love takes to find us.Others have told the authors that they see apps like Tinder as grist for the irrelationship mill, or, at least, for interactions that will protect them from intimate connection.Others are dismissive of hooking up via electronic apps on grounds that someone interested in “true love” ought to spend their time on “more legitimate” dating sites such as or e Harmony. All three of us know of partnered gay men who met their mates on websites or apps such as Grindr or Manhunt which are explicitly marketed to men looking only for sex hook-ups: on these sites, postings often include only navel-to-knee photos.

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They may even level facile criticisms at the implicated age group (Millennials, i.e., those born between 19), seeing them as narcissistic and apt to consider themselves unduly “entitled” to instant gratification of desires.

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