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Taking many months to pay off a big-screen TV, a bedroom set or dental work without a penny in finance charges can save people hundreds of dollars.

"The deferred financing programs we offer are very popular with our clients' customers, so we do continue to offer a wide swath of these programs," said Alyson Lupo, communications manager for Alliance Data Systems, one of the major issuers of store cards, with about billion in customer balances.

In all, consumers spend more than 0 billion a year using store cards, financial reports indicate. It's not clear what fraction of that spending is through no-interest deals, but it's a lot.

GE Capital, Citibank, Capital One and Alliance Data Systems are the major players in the store card business, with a combined total of roughly 0 billion in outstanding U. Best Buy alone made sales of about .5 billion -- around 19 percent of its total sales -- in fiscal 2013 through deferred interest financing, according to its annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Deferred interest actually starts to build up on your store card or medical card the day that you buy the item, but it is delayed until the end of the promotional period -- generally six to 18 months.

The interest rates are usually north of 20 percent or 25 percent -- very expensive compared to the average rate of about 15 percent.

And if you buy other items with the card, you'll have to track those balances separately from what you owe on the no-interest deal.Buyers rarely check the rates, since they don't expect to pay interest charges.But avoiding the finance charges is not a sure thing.A retired attorney who speaks with courtroom precision, Haycock said he understood that the bill needed to be paid in 12 months to avoid interest charges, and he planned regular payments to meet the deadline.But he wound up owing about 4 extra because of a single late payment.

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