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In 2007, Revolver Magazine named her one of the "Hottest Chicks in Metal." During their 2008 summer tour with Seether, their lead singer, Shaun Morgan would regularly invite Emma on stage with his band to play bass during a cover song of either Nutshell by Alice in Chains or Creep by Stone Temple Pilots. She plays in the pocket, she slaps like a mad man (or mad woman) and she is so damn consistent, she is a drummer's dream!And I'm the guy that gets to play alongside of her every single night.Initially, Shimon played the drums while Emma played guitar.

She was living in a boarding house in Sydney at the time, and her room was right next to an elderly woman that continuously complained about the noise her amp made, so she decided to solve the problem by getting inside her cupboard, put the headstock of her guitar up against the cupboard wall in order to amplify it even more.She received a guitar, small combo amp, tuner and an instructional video.She dedicated every spare minute of the next twelve months becoming familiar with her new found love.It is a privilege and is something I don't take for granted.I continue to learn from her all the time and the great thing about playing in this band is we continually learn and play off of each other everyday, which allows us to grow all the time.

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I love playing with Emma and I wouldn't want it any other way." - Mark Goodwin (Sick Puppies) "Emma's precision is impeccable, and definitely her strongest suit.

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