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Goods, including cigarettes, may be confiscated at the checkpoint and you may be fined.The Republic of Cyprus currently imposes a limit of 40 cigarettes per person on crossing the Green Line from north Cyprus.At some of the crossing points it is possible to buy car insurance for the north.There are controls on the quantities and types of goods that can be bought in the north and brought into the south, including from the bicommunal village of Pyla in the buffer zone.Don’t hand over your passport as a guarantee against the return of equipment.Minor demonstrations have taken place in response to the government’s economic reforms.Crime against tourists is not common, but you should keep passports, money and other valuables safe.

Always comply with warning signs and swim only from approved beaches.

The complaint had been made to the House human rights committee, which immediately tabled the matter for discussion. A 37-year-old man was sentenced by the Nicosia criminal court to six years in prison on Friday after being found guilty for sexually abusing his wife’s 10-year-old niece.

The suspect, who was found guilty in 22 counts relating to sexual offences committed between May 2015 and May 2016, was sentenced to six years for sexual abuse and...

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus reserves the right to fine you for illegal entry if you cross into the south, but in practice, the current policy is not to do so.

Short-term visitors and tourists can drive using a UK driving licence.

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Cypriot driving regulations are similar to those in the UK and driving is on the left. In 2015 there were 57 road deaths in Cyprus (source: Department for Transport).

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