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With exceptions, it is unclear where exactly they are being caught: you can wrap up your validation routine with a try/catch statement right when you call it but you can also put a try/catch block couple of levels higher.

In it’s simplest form, a validator is really just a function that takes a accordinlgy, if necessary.He created the angular-translate module, is an Angular contributor and also part of the Angular Docs Authoring team.The use of exceptions for flow control was raised quite a few times already (here’s a c2 discussion and here is a great question on SO).Sometimes, a custom validator has dependencies so we need a way to inject them.Let’s say our email validator needs an service, to check if the given control value is not only a valid email address but also not on our email black list (in an ideal world, we’d build a separate validator for checking against an email black list, but we use that as a motivation for now to have a dependency).

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