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In those days, the personals were market places for the upper-classes to advertise their business acumen and secure marriages into equally wealthy families. Honesty is a good policy at all times, but when you only have 30 words to sell yourself, it's a good idea not waste valuable wordage reliving your divorce: My main piece of advice to all lonely hearts is to relax a little. David Rose is advertising director of the London Review of Books.

Be prepared for the possibility of not getting any replies. The ads in this article are taken from They Call Me Naughty Lola, edited by David Rose (Profile, 2006).

The truth is that no matter how witty/clever the ad is, and how lovely a person might sound on the phone, the reality is only revealed when you meet that person for the first time.

My 4 most amusing encounters all started from small ads followed by a number of chats on the phone with apparently nice, normal men. 1) Turned up in a pale grey nylon blazer with assorted stains and missing teeth.

With their abbreviated dialect - WLTM, GSOH, SWF - and cliched appeals, personal ads these days can appear anything but personal. It's always fun scanning through lonely hearts sections in newspapers and magazines.

Whether we're looking for love, or just a little curious, or idling away the time on a train journey, there's something intriguing about small ads.

I then lost her number and only managed to get her number from her friend who had given out her business card to all the blokes in the pub.

My friend who I went with though has been a further two times without success!!

On occasion a moderatly competant and unselfish lover. But in reality will settle for anyone with low expectations. After speaking to the the loveley Michelle i decided I didn't really like her, but it was only in the pub afterwards that I got talking to her.Such ads invariably come across as a little formulaic and cold. 2006." Instead of the standard "blonde hair, blue-eyed, likes theatre" formula of other lonely hearts sections, LRB advertisers use their 30 words to create bizarre hiakus of longing.And to the casual browser, they can be just a bit dull. Rubbish wok-cooked foods enthusiast and flammable materials-wearing loon (M) WLTM F to 45 with fire-blanket and no small amount of knowledge regarding the correct batter-frying procedures of tempura. What is more peculiar is that the ads sometimes work.Announcing to the world you're single and looking for love is not an easy thing to do and having fun is an important aspect of the dating game. I often get e-mails time-stamped in the early hours of a Sunday morning.Bear in mind, though, there are several important things you need to take into consideration. You can almost hear the glug of a wine bottle being emptied in the background.

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