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She further noted that among her South Asian peers she received far more stigmatizing attention for "only dating Black" than did those who only dated white.

She recalls that one time when she brought home a Black boyfriend "as a friend," her father felt the need to craft a long explanation for his presence to an extended family member.

Grey's Anatomy features Sandra Oh in an up-and -down relationship with Isaiah Washington. It's as though these couples have been pouring out of medical schools and producers decided to capture the trend.

The representations tread the line between cultural authenticity, sometimes considered stereotype, and colorblindness.

It seems likely that the increase in this kind of dating owes more to demographics than anything else, and such couples continue to face challenges.

None of the couples I heard from or about while reporting this story had any military background whatsoever, and all had faced or expected strong resistance from the Asian partner's family.

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